Install Foundation 5 and SASS using Yeoman and Grunt on Windows

by Filip Lundby.

Want to get started with Foundation and SASS really quick? This guide will show you how.

Download and install

  1. Download and install Nodejs.
  2. Download and install Ruby.
    Check "Add to PATH ..."
  3. Download and install Git client.
    Check "Use git from the windows command prompt"
    - If you forget, run this command:
    setx path "%path%;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin;C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\cmd"
  4. Install Yeoman:
    npm install -g yo
  5. Install Foundation generator:
    npm install -g generator-zf5

Create project

  1. Change folder:
    cd <root-folder-of-your-projects>
  2. Create a new folder:
    mkdir <project-name>
  3. Jump into the folder:
    cd <project-name>
  4. Finanlly create the project files:
    yo zf5

Build project

Whenever you start working on your project, go to the root of your project and run this command:


More details on grunt commands on the grunt Foundation generator page.

Further reading

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