Which CMS should I choose?

by Filip Lundby.

Tiny review of three great content management systems.


Website: Umbraco

If you're a .NET-developer, Umbraco is just the CMS for you. First release was made in 2004 and it's still going strong. In 2013 Umbraco was given a new pretty facelift.


Website: Pico

If your website is very small and you are not expecting 3000 vitors a day, Pico would be the choise. There is no database only flat text files. Templates are formatted using Markdown.

Also checkout my small Flickr-plugin for Pico.


Website: October

October is build on the PHP framework Laravel, which has become the most popular PHP framework in just one year from it's birth. The CMS is still young, but it looks very promising.


If you're into all the .NET-stuff, you should go for Umbraco. If you're a PHP-lover then choose October.

And if you just want a fast, small website with an easy to learn template system, Pico is for you.

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